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Accordion toy

Accordion toy


  • Item No : FG03134
  • Age : 3+
  • Material : Plastic
  • Product Size (CM) : 17*17*10
  • Package Size (CM) : 19*18*10.5
  • Quantity Per Carton (PIECES) : 20
  • Carton Size (CM) : 58*40*39
  • G.W /N.W Per Carton (KGS) : 18/16
  • CBM Per Carton : 0.090
  • Color Available : Red/Green/Blue/Black
  • Packing : Color box
  • Product Features :

    1.Your instrument is known as a “button” accordion.To play your accordion, undo the snaps and slip your left hand underneath the leather strap at one end.
    2.Insert your right thumb through the loop at the other end.There are seven buttons with easy reach of the fingers on your right hand and three buttons next to the fingers on your left.
    3.The right-hand buttons produce the notes you will use to play melodies.The upper two buttons on the left are for creating harmonies.The bottom button on the left is an air valve. It allows the accordion to“breathe”,so you can easily open or close the accordion without making any sound.
    4.When you begin to play actual songs, you may have to pull or push in one direction for several notes in a row. It takes a little practice for several notes in a row.It takes a little practice to not run out of air inside the accordion. You can use the air valve button to “sneak a breath” if you need to.

  • Selling Point :

    The accordion is one of the world’s most popular instruments, and kids everywhere just love them. Some accordions have a keyboard and are called“piano”accordions.

Packing List:

  • Main body * 1
  • Manual * 1