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About Us

Focusgood, focusing on the goods

Focusgood was founded by Helen Chen in 2008. Started as a sourcing agent specifically for toys, we have grown from Helen alone to a team with 10 staff including 5 buying assistants, 3 QC specialists and 2 after-sale supports.

For 10 years, Focusgood has been searching for hot-selling toys from trust-worthy factories with the best prices possible. We look forward to helping you boost your business.


Our Proven Process

  • 1

    Contact us with what you need; we will have a thorough discussion to define product specifications.

  • 2

    We’ll find the competent supplier that matches your specifications and get samples for you to evaluate the product.

  • 3

    After you place an order, we'll arrange the production on the supplier side and handle communication on your side, ensuring the whole production process goes smoothly.

  • 4

    Once production is finished, our QC specialists will arrange for lab testing of your products.

  • 5

    After inspection, we arrange shipping from China to your destination and even to your doorstep.

  • 6

    Send us what you need, we will have a thorough and open discussion and we will precisely determine product specifications.