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Lab Testing Matters

The safety of toys and recreational items has been in the spotlight ever since the discovery of lead in children's toys resulted in massive product recalls in 2007. Focusgood strives to offer our clients fun toys that are completely safe.

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Value-Added Service

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  • Free Samples

    Seeing toys online isn't good enough. Feeling them in your hands is 100 times better! Request a free sample now via this form.

  • 10,000+ Toys to Choose from

    We selected 7 factories out of more than 100 just to offer you the most trendy toys with the best quality.

  • Rock-Bottom Prices

    We help our clients with specification development, material cost negotiation, and pricing options to ensure a commercially viable product.”

  • Quality Control

    We inspect all toys by hand, piece by piece, ensuring all toys meet your expectations.

  • 10 Years’ Experience

    Focusgood deals with toys and toys only, which means we know industry trends and what toys suit your specific market best.

focusing on the good.

Having started as a sole sourcing agent specialized in toys, Focusgood has grown from Helen alone to a team with 10 staff members, including 5 buying assistants, 3 QC specialists and 2 after-sale support assistants.

For the last 10 years, Focusgood has been relentlessly searching for hot-selling toys from trustworthy factories with the best prices possible. We look forward to helping you boost your business.

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