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3D Drawing Printing Pen

3D Drawing Printing Pen


  • Item No : FG03324
  • Product Size (CM) : 18.4*3.2*4.6
  • Package Size (CM) : 22*17.3*6.5
  • Quantity Per Carton (PIECES) : 30
  • Carton Size (CM) : 52*46*34
  • G.W /N.W Per Carton (KGS) : 10/9
  • CBM Per Carton : 0.081
  • Packing : Color box
  • Product Features :

    1.Works like a hand-held version of a desktop 3D printer.
    2.It extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens, allowing you to literally draw freehand in 3 Dimensions.
    3.It features easy handling for freehand drawing, quick filament color changes and smoother extrusion for better drawing performance.

  • Selling Point :

    This 3D Pen is suitable for both kids and adults. A perfect gift for children that helps improve their spatial thinking ability and develops creative imaginations.

  • Remarks :

    To Prevent Clogging:
    1. If filament wasn’t removed after previous use, re-heat the pen then press the feed button. Do not press the ‘back’ button.
    2. Do not use the high speed button at low temperature. Doing so may cause clogging.
    Maintenance Solutions:
    1. If a blockage occurs, unscrew the pen shell clockwise and use a small wrench to pry out the nozzle. Remove any remaining filament and reassemble. Power ON the pen and test operation.
    2. If connected to power and screen shows an abnormal display or the motor has no sound, just request a free nozzle replacement.

Packing List:

  • As shown